It is prohibited to use chemical, biological and toxic weapons by the international legal documents, but these weapons are still occasionally used in armed conflicts and by terrorists. Growing tension in the Middle East where the cases of using chemical weapons have been documented as well as aggravation of international terrorism threats underscore the importance of informational coverage of the subject. This section is devoted to international efforts in the field of chemical and biological safety, and appropriate measures in the framework of the various international initiatives, including a comprehensive counteraction against malicious use of chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear materials and agents (CBRN materials), which sometimes incorporate also explosive materials (CBRNE materials in this case). This section also addresses the issue of combating terrorist threats that involve weapons and materials of mass destruction (WMD-terrorism).

  • International legal documents and international initiatives on the prohibition and nonproliferation of chemical and biological weapons, hazardous chemicals, biological, radioactive and nuclear materials (CBRN and CBRNE materials)
  • The role and efforts of Ukraine in fulfillment of the undertaken international obligations in this area
  • Other
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